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Spinal Needle

The Acti-Med spinal cannulas are facilitated with a good sliding and their dimensional stability provide a safe liqour puncture. Rigid stainless steel and a magnifying glass approach allow precise application.

The Acti-Med spinal cannula comes standard with Pencil-Point grinding, introducer cannula and a plastic hub. Customer-specific adjustments such as Quin cut or similar are possible.

Spinal cannula

Spinal cannula

Spinal cannula 20G - 0.9 mm

Spinal cannula 21G - 0.8 mm

Spinal cannula 22G - 0.7 mm

Spinal cannula 23G - 0.6 mm

Spinal cannula 25G - 0.5 mm

Spinal cannula 26G - 0.45 mm

Spinal cannula 27G - 0,4 mm

Spinal cannula 29G - 0.33 mm

Epidural cannula

Epidural cannula

The special shape of the Acti-Med Touhy cannula serves for optimum puncturing of the epidural space.

The dimensional stability of the tip enables precise tissue punching. The cannula is delivered with a stainless steel mandrin.

Optionally, the cannulas are available with and without ultrasound visible markings.