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R4C - Ready for cleanroom

Product Area: Pharmaceutical Packaging / Drug Delivery

The products of Acti-Med, which are located under the brand name R4C, are mainly used in the field of pharmaceutical packaging.

There are e.g. needles for prefillable disposable syringes, for nasal sprays, for migraines, or for the introduction of pharmaceutically active implants assigned to this product area.

Many cannulas are delivered as tube cannulas (component parts) without any other components because many of our customers assemble the device in house.

The requirements, whether it is a simple cannula or an entire assembly to be delivered, are similar or equal.

Material Properties

Together with our raw material manufacturer we can tailor the physical properties of your cannulas or lancets to their purpose.

For example, are magnetic properties, the hardness of the cannulas, the corrosion resistance, the surface or the flexural rigidity, important to you?

We can produce a cannula that is tailored to your wishes and requested process.